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Beyond The Hadrian's Wall : Episode 2

“I’m going to find my way out of this place.”


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Beyond The Hadrian's Wall : Episode 1
italic = flashback

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Beyond The Hadrian's Wall : Introduction
Beyond the Hadrian’s Wall
Pairing: SiHyuk, random K-pop artists.
Rating: PG 15
Genre: Roman-AU, Action, Drama, Historical, Romance
Disclaimer: A Super Junior adaptation of ‘The Eagle of Ninth’ by Rosemary Sutcliff and ‘The Eagle’.
Warning: This is a fanfiction. Some facts might slightly contradicted history, exaggerated and dramatized for the sakes of the fic.

Summary: The story took place in Britain-Roman Empire back in 140AD. It follows the journey of a young and respectful Roman Commander Marcus Sivonest Aquila (Siwon) travelling beyond Hadrian's Wall with his British native slave, Eun (EunHyuk) in search of his father.
Siwon, the only son of the infamous Ninth Legion Commander, more than glad when he was posted as the garrison commander at Britain-Roman Empire in Great Britain. He dedicated his life not only to defend the empire from the intrusion of Celtic tribesmen (Scotland/Britain natives), but also to investigate his father’s where about and the mysterious annihilation of The Ninth Legion 20 years back.
His father and his legion of 5000 men sent beyond the Hadarian’s Wall to oppose the Scotland’s and to expand Roman Empire. However, after months of the impossible expedition; the legion vanished together with The Eagle, a symbol of honor and dignity of Rome. Rumors spread saying that The Ninth Legion became deserters and betrayed Roman Empire.
Siwon was determines to find his father and to regain his family reputation. The dedicated young commander served tremendously well as the garrison commander until he was discharge from military service with honor due to severe war wound.
Living a peaceful life while healing his wounds, the young ex-officer met his dedicated yet rebellious slave, Eun. Eun, the youngest son of a Brigantes chieftain, a tribe that opposed and detested Rome with all their heart, yet the young man considered himself bounded to his master, who saved his life during a gladiator show.
As he healed, Siwon asked The Senate to help him to find his father, together to clean up his father’s name. However, The Roman opposed his ambition greatly and denied his plead. Determined, Siwon crossed the Hadrian’s Wall without any countenance from the great Roman Empire. Eun tagged along, accompanying his desperate master.
Together, their embarked into a journey of courage, dignity and along the way, they found the true meaning of loyalty and love.

Hadrian’s Wall
Forty years after the Emperor Claudius conquered southern Britain in 43 CE, the Roman governor, Gnaeus Julius Agricola, led a force of 20,000 troops northwards into the country known by the Romans as Caledonia (Scotland). Unlike the rest of Britain, Scotland was never considered part of the Roman Empire.
The Roman armies invaded Scotland several times and even defeated the northern tribes a few times, but they never controlled Scotland. To control their newly won territory in England, the Romans built heavily defended forts around the country. Most famous of all, on the northern edge of their British territory, the Romans built a coast-to-coast wall to protect Roman England from the tribes who lived in Scotland.

The Eagle

A statue made form bronze, as a symbol of Roman Empire.

Marcus Sivonest Aquila (Siwon)

A 29 years old talented garrison’s commander. He was desperate to regain his father’s name after the shameful fall of The Ninth Legion.

Eun (EunHyuk)

A 19 years old Brigantes (a Britain native) whose been held captive and enslaved by Roman Empire.

Author's Note: I am crazy I know, but I was so intrigued by The Eagle and while I watching it, SiHyuk flashes in my head like mad! hope I'll write this well. so, tell me what u think about this?
P/s: I also going to upload this in my AFF acc here:

AFF acc and new cover
i already made an AFF acc! here:
i already upload my ITNC there and planning to upload my other fics as well. i won't ab my LJ tho, dun worry^^

anyway, this is my new cover. for my case no8 fic

A POST..!!! 8D
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yo! looooooong time no see!!!! (very, very long)
none of us are posting anything lately, sorry
well, aneki's busy with her work and i have my school and, yeah..
anyway, here a drawing! (random as usual :3)

^the full version of the mafia-themed artwork line

Of my hiatus, of my HyukJae, SME and EXO

How is everybody here?

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yesz! another update! why does it feels like i am more active than my aneki? xDDD

lolz, that aside, here's a comic strip!! yah, after being pestered by my aneki i decided to make this (well, the prompt given is 'damage' tho..)

here ya go! :3

p.s: please ignore the size of the cup(?). i'm not really that sure too xDDD


sorry for the low quality and the epic length...i'm just THAT lazy xDDDD

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yoh! sorry for not being active much :3 (on behalf of my aneki, who is rather busy :3)
so, yeah..
kind of got bored...always bored...

so here's a bit of something to brighten your day/night :3

can't stop staring..! X3 

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yo, minna!

lol just feels like updating after some while :3


^the above three are suppose to be mafia(?)/undercover(?) themed :3

^brain fart? 

^no he didn't die for real :3

lolz i guess i watch too much kamen rider xDDD
good night then :3

random mitosis animation is random xD
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it's been a fragging long time since the last i actually did something up here!
and i'm bahck! with a video..?!  
lol very, VERY yeah..i can't really get the idea outta my is the by product of it xDD


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